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25 May 2015
RUM in Action DRUSSA Universities Leadership Seminar

DRUSSA is well served by our network of champions, leaders and implementation teams at partner universities. Ultimately, though, change depends on the support of Vice-Chancellor and senior colleagues at institutional level. Their time and attention is precious.

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It`s Happening Here RUC2015 Blog 18: Why Waste Separation management is key in Rwanda and beyond

The University of Rwanda looks at how developing economic drivers for waste separation management at urban municipal level could improve public health, protect the environment and create useable benefits such as the production of fertilisers and biogas that could be used to the benefit of communities in African cities.

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It`s Happening Here RUC2015 Blog 17: New dye made from weed revives Kenya’s textile industry and brings local fabric costs down

A researcher from Moi University has worked out how to extract natural and environmentally friendly dye from weeds that threaten food crops, leading not only to the revival of a local textile business, but to the textile industry at large in Kenya.

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It`s Happening Here RUC2015 Blog 16 Entreprenurial spirit burns bright amongst township youth

A study into youth entrepreneurship in Khayelitsha township in South Africa reveals that despite a lack of support youth still remain enthusiastic about starting their own businesses. Findings show that simple interventions could counteract threats to this entrepreneurial spirit, with positive benefits.

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It`s Happening Here RUC2015 Blog 15 Waste to Wealth: production of biogas energy from organic waste in Nigeria

The issue of sourcing modern renewable energy sources remains a top global priority.  University of Calabar highlights the potential of biogas technology.

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