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4 September 2015
Tools & Tips Effective Stakeholder Engagement To Influence Policymakers

A key consideration for Research Uptake is stakeholder engagement. In its Handbook Series DRUSSA has explored both the theories behind Stakeholder Engagement as well as the practice. A recently published Policy Influence Toolkit produced by MHIN and the ODI explores these issues further, specifically in the context of engaging with policymakers.

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Tools & Tips Evidence-Based Research has Impact

Measuring the impact of Research Uptake interventions is a tricky business, particularly given the lead-time between activities and the potential impact. It is often difficult to unpack the impact of a particular event or project from other factors that may have played a role. Establishing evidence of impact is important however, not only to justify specific programme outcomes but also to inform your overall theory of change.

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It`s Happening Here Media interest is key in Research Uptake success: showcasing Innovation

Engaging with print, electronic and digital public and technical media is an important part of university Research Uptake – journalists can play an important role in linking universities with their stakeholders, including industry, policy influencers and the general public. CPUT’s recent Innovation Showcase event shows how successfully engaging with the media can bring big rewards.

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RUM in Action The DRUSSA short course learning resource

The DRUSSA Short course learning resource was developed for DRUSSA Universities in support of their Research Uptake capacity strengthening initiatives.

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RUM in Action The DRUSSA literature review on Knowledge Utilisation

As part of the DRUSSA programme, a literature review has been conducted in the field of Knowledge Utilisation.  It is a resource that contains six essays on key topics.  We believe that this report contains topics relevant to scholars and practitioners interested in learning more about the extant literature on research uptake and utilisation.

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