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21 April 2015
Defining the Field Shifts in science policy, the new university, and its role

This is the last blog in a series of five which review essays that together comprise a literature review on Perspectives and themes in knowledge utilisation, conducted for the DRUSSA programme by CREST at the University of Stellenbosch. The other blogs, with links to the essays can be found at the bottom of this blog. The review, which will soon be coming out in book form, will appeal to students, academics, policy makers, communication practitioners and those involved in the field of Research Uptake.

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It`s Happening Here Symposium on Higher Education in Uganda

A recent symposium on higher education in Uganda focussed on how to bridge the gap between policy and research. The symposium laid the groundwork for strengthening the relationship between research institutions, particularly universities, and policymakers and influencers. It provided an opportunity for senior delegates from universities and the Ugandan government to reflect on the challenges facing both sectors.

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It`s Happening Here DRUSSA’s Symposium on Higher Education and the National Development Plan in Ghana

What happens when you put 25 Ghanaian higher education stakeholders in the same room for two days? A) Lengthy arguments on the real reasons for the recent energy blackouts; B) an in-depth debate on why the Black Stars are underperforming; or C) a meeting of minds on the linkages between academia and policymakers through the generation of research evidence for policy formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

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It`s Happening Here The Division of Research, Innovation and Outreach (RIO) at Kenyatta University

Kenyatta University has a new Division of Research, Innovation and Outreach (RIO) which has established a web presence, a one-stop resource to provide institutional support for staff undertaking research and Research Uptake.

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It`s Happening Here African Research Excellence: the Launch of the African Research Universities Alliance (ARUA)

At the African Higher Education Summit held in Dakar in March leading universities established an Alliance of African research intensive universities with the purpose of sharing resources, supporting each other and building excellence in research and research management. In addition the Alliance hopes to serve as a hub that supports research across the African continent.

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