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1 March 2017
Welcome to DRUSSA Online! Please give us 15 MINUTES of your time to test our services Print
Friday, 04 May 2012 00:00

These online services have been developed and optimised for the African environment. This means you can access DRUSSA Online from your desktop or mobile, and use it whether you are online or offline. The suite of online services was designed to build a strong and cohesive Community within the group of 24 universities participating in the DRUSSA programme as well as an extended, open Network for other interested parties.


Please note: You are testing navigation and functionality only. Content will be added as the programme proceeds and can be commented on in the “add your comment” box below each expanded blog after clicking on “read more”.


To give us your feedback, go to the bottom of this screen and add a comment in the "Comments" box, or see instructions under "Test the DRUSSA App" below. If you come across a problem, or if a link or something else isn't working, please notify us via the "Comments" box.


For ease of reference, before you start testing, click on the "print" button at the top of this page to have the instructions to hand as you go along.


1. To proceed with the testing, you need to log in. You need do this only once. Once logged in, the system will remember you, even when you navigate away from the site or go offline.

To log in, enter your username into the first block next to the login button in the right-hand sidebar below the blue menu bar and your password into the second block. You will find your login details in the email we sent you.


Now click on the "Login" button.


2. Complete your DRUSSA profile on your desk- or laptop. To do this, click on View/edit my profile in the sidebar on the right hand side of the screen, next to the "Log in"/"Log out".


Be sure to complete the “Tell us a bit about yourself” block.


You can also upload a photo of yourself, so that the DRUSSA Community can get to know one another.


Make sure you save your profile.


You are now ready to explore DRUSSA Online.


DRUSSA Online was developed in two parts:

1.    The blog site (where you are now) and an index of documents that can be accessed via your desktop or laptop.
2.    The DRUSSA App, which can be accessed using your mobile as well as your desktop or laptop.


These components are all driven by a powerful content management system at the back end.


You are invited and encouraged to test all the components as per the instructions below, but you can do as much or as little as you like. All that is involved is a bit of clicking, and finally giving us some feedback via the "Comments" section at the bottom of this page or a special section within the App. More about this later.


Section 1

Test the blog site using your desktop or laptop:

1.    Find out which other universities are participating in the DRUSSA programme by clicking on “Universities” on the grey menu on the right at the top of the screen.

2.    Find out who is managing the programme by clicking on “The Team” in the same menu.


3.    Read more and comment on the field of Research Uptake by clicking on any of the menu items in the blue menu strip.


4.    Join us on any or all of the social network platforms to which DRUSSA subscribes (Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook) by clicking on the social media icons just below the blue menu strip.


5.    On the “Blogs” page, click on “Read more” on any of the blogs and tweet, share and/or like DRUSSA on any or all of the social networks.


6.    Read Round-Up, DRUSSA’s curated weekly digital magazine in the right-hand sidebar.


7.    Click on the Calendar of Events to see what events you can look forward to during the course of the year.


Test the Index of documents:

1.    Click on the “Blog/Document search” box to the left of the “Search” button.
2.    Type in a search keyword you may need information about and click on “Search”.
3.    Click on any of the links in the results that appear on the screen. Note, the search will find documents in the Index as well as articles/blog content.
4.    Return to the homepage by clicking on the “Blogs” menu item in the blue menu bar.
5.    Click on “View Index” to the far right above the blue menu bar.
6.    Click on any entry and view a document.

7.    Now click on "Add A Comment” at the bottom of this page to tell us about your DRUSSA Online experience. Please tell us:


(a) About your experience navigating your way around the blog site and Index.

(b) Which browser did you use to access the site?

(c) Will you use the social networking sites, and if so, which ones?

(d) Anything else you want to comment on?


Section 2

Test the DRUSSA App using your mobile, tablet or desktop:


The DRUSSA App gives you access to DRUSSA Online in simplified form from your desktop or mobile device.

1.    To visit the App for the first time on your desk- or laptop, click on the blue banner in the right-hand sidebar just below the log in and above Round-Up.


2.   To visit the App using your mobile, type into your mobile browser. If you have an older smartphone, we'd strongly recommend that you download the Opera browser from, which works very well with the App.


3. Whether you're on your desktop or your mobile, you will see a dot in the top left-hand corner. If the dot is green, you are online. If the dot is red, you are offline. The app will download content when you're online. You can continue accessing and working on the app even while you're offline. The app will sync new content as soon as you go online again. For example, if you add a comment to one of the blogs while offline, the app will send it through once you go online again.


4.    Click on the “Home” button and then on each of the five menu items in the section, namely


(a)    “Events Calendar”: for information about upcoming events and visits
(b)    “Latest from DRUSSA”: for latest blog entries
(c)    “DRUSSA on the Social Networks”: Join and follow us on any or all of the social network platforms (Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook)
(d)    “DRUSSA People”: See who the members in the DRUSSA Team, Community and Network are.
(e)    “DRUSSA Documents”: You can view documents in the online index from here.

5.    Click on the various menu items to familiarise yourself with the layout. Then click on "Latest from DRUSSA" and under any of the blogs in a "Comments" box to tell us what you think:


(a) What did you think of the DRUSSA mobi site?

(b) Did you access it via desktop, laptop or mobile?

(c) If you are on a mobile, what device are you using?

(d) If you are on a computer, are you likely to access DRUSSA Online via our mobile app?

(e) Will the online/offline functionality be useful to you?


Any further comments are most welcome.


Thank you for your time. This is a shared tool and we will all contribute in making it a valuable resource for Research Uptake Managers. We look forward to interacting with you.


The DRUSSA Online Team



Valerie Fichardt said on 2012-05-22 11:59:59:
Hi Linda, I like the site but found it took a bit of getting used to, once I was in it is good and clear. I would have subject areas in the index of documents as a category as well, rather than making us search for them. I think, once populated, a valuable and focused site
Caite Mccann(C) replied on 2012-05-28 16:51:05:
Thanks Valerie. I`m delighted you took the time to test the site. I will look into introducing subject areas in the index. Thanks for the suggestion. Have you visited the DRUSSA app? You can download it onto your phone, tablet or desktop. It`s a first app of this nature in the academic environment in the world, so we`re pretty proud of it. Click on the blue app banner on the right under the blue menu bar. Best Linda
Courage Julius Logah said on 2013-11-05 00:14:31:
Thanks Linda for the good work.

a. The DRUSSA mobi site loads well and is quiet easy and fun to use. I must confess both the full site and mobi versions need some getting use to after that it is breeze.I also like the follow "discussion by email". It is a good feedback feature and keeps one updated on new posts about discussions of interest.

b. I accessed it via desktop, laptop and mobile. The desktop and laptop worked fine and I liked them far. Except that the mobile app throws an error saying server connection unsuccessful. On the other hand, I am able to access on the mobile using a web browser on the phone. I also cannot find an iOS version of the app for my iPad. Do we have one for it?

c. Currently using a Sony Xperia Z, Blackberry bold and an iPad.

d. On my iPad would have been more convenient and but currently prefer to use my laptop or desktop.

e. Yes the online and offline functionality is useful. It helps you determine whether or not your post(s) can or have been submitted and whether or not you can or cannot have access to the files to download.

All in all I like it. Very functional and useful.