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26 March 2017
Work Programme 3: Literature review and case study work Print
Sunday, 03 June 2012 00:00

A literature review on knowledge utilisation and research uptake is underway as part of Work Programme 3. Among other aspects, the literature review will highlight different perspectives and models of knowledge utilisation as well as different approaches to facilitate such utilisation. Some of the perspectives emerging from the literature are: 

(1) the two-communities perspective, where the scientific and user domains are seen as culturally different with obvious implications for research uptake by non-scientists;
(2) knowledge/technology transfer perspectives, whereby the movement of knowledge is depicted from a starting location to an ending location, requiring an understanding of different transfer elements (e.g. transfer media and transfer agents);
(3) knowledge use perspectives, where interpretations of what constitutes "use" can refer to either a typology or set of stages;

(4) knowledge diffusion perspectives, where the focus is on the spread of knowledge and knowledge-based products within networks of people; and
(5) knowledge translation perspectives, based on models of planned research uptake to move knowledge into action. This involves evidence synthesis and the facilitation of exchange relationships between researchers and users.

The literature review will also inform a number of case studies of research uptake, still to be identified and selected in collaboration with representatives from the 24 DRUSSA universities. We are currently developing a case study framework, drawing on what we have learned from the literature review.